Possible way to buff heated shot

Heated shot is a pretty useless tech. Water maps have pretty low diversity. What if heated shot gave archer units bonus damage against ships? Not sure about the number, maybe just 1-2 extra damage, I’m not sure. That way, land military has a better chance of defending against naval units, which is pretty much impossible otherwise.

Say that to my Korean Keeps-lined shoreline.

But otherwise pretty useless tech, correct.

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Heated shot affect bbc/cannon galleon dmg against buildings and ships?


Right. I mean, I’ve beaten a campaign scenario by stonewalling the entire island and building a wonder from the get-go, because I couldn’t be bothered doing any work, so I guess I can’t talk.

Let the Heated Shot, Arrowslits, Murder Holes and Tower upgrade researchable at Tower itself too.

Perhaps make the Heated Shot also add the attack bonus against buildings and siege weapons for Towers and Castles.


Heated shot is actually quite good at doing at what it’s supposed to do. It shouldn’t affect land units, it’s already pretty easy to change a water map into a land one with a landing so you’re not really increasing diversity on water maps by not buffing the water specific stuff.

Water player here.

The problem with heated shot is the timing when you get it compared to when you need it.
It would be most useful to protect the own docks with towers when the early water fight starts to get sour.

However, you need to be castle age, then you need to have a university and you need to invest 300F,100G. By that time, even if you haven’t lost water completely yet, it is always more effective to build a castle for shore protection (or re-docking) rather than to rely on a few towers, simply because a castle cannot be destroyed by castle age ships.

If heated shot was supposed to work, it needed to be available in the dock, in feudal age, at a reduced cost. You still needed 2-3 towers (=stone investment) to make it pay off, but I think then it would be used in the way it is intended.
Of course, this entails the danger that it suddenly becomes OP, but given the how fragile towers are nowadays, and given that the tech affects only immobile units, it seems unlikely to me.


Maybe heated shot could be slightly more expensive and also give bonus damage against rams. That way it wouldn’t just be a water map only tech.


Icicle’s suggestion sounds legit, + it wouldn’t be OP cuz it would use up dock time.

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I’m more inclined to UpmostRook9474’s suggestion - having it researchable in a tower makes much more sense.

heated shot should give bbc a little bit of bonus damage against ram. +8 maybe.