Possible ways to incorporate the crusader horseman into Teutons

Feel free to make suggestions below, I’ll just start with my own

Remove stable defense bonus
Enable the initial scout cav upgrade(gives further versatility vs archers)

Make the crusader knight/cavalry as an upgrade to the Paladin(3rd upgrade, paladin being the 2nd) enable stats to be given the +2/0 melee and be given bonus dmg vs archers, perhaps +1.
Or just the +2 defense is fine - price could be 800 food, 400 gold or something along those lines.

An alternative is the remove the paladin upgrade and replace it with the crusader knight.

No. There are already mods that simply replace the Knight line unit skin. No need to make such wild changes.


The scout cavalry upgrade is one such reason.

Aesthetic reasons being another, and not just for you yourself to see, but also for enemy players.

They specialise in melee combat. The civ needs a weakness.

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They used to have the scout cav upgrade prior the +2 bonus to stable units being implemented. It’s perfectly reasonable.

That’s a nerf.

Trading 180 hp 7/7 armor 18 attack for 120 hp 7/8 armor 22 attack?

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Editing the stats to be that of the current paladin +2 melee defense being in my mind for the most part

That being said - removing the knight line and replacing it with the crusader line being another

Uh what? They never had light cavalry at all.


At that point just ask fof the crusader skin. No reason to balance change for a skin

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They removed light cav because when they added the +2 melee armor the scouts were doing too well so they removed the scout cav upgrade

I remember this change fairly clearly.

Um. No. Not rven close.

  • Receive Herbal Medicine, which is available to them for free.
  • With Update 35584, Barracks units receive +1 melee armor in the Castle Age.
  • With Update 35584, Farms are now 40% cheaper.
  • With update 36906, Barracks and Stable units receive +1 melee armor in the Castle Age and another +1 in the Imperial Age.
  • With update 36906, Teutonic Knights now move at a speed of 0.8.

here you go.

even back to the original aok day tech tree. no light cav for teutons.


Very weird, I clearly remember the scout line upgrade being removed and there being a good many complaints about it and requests for it to return.

nope. never had it.

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Hm, maybe I’m remembering the removal of bloodlines without them even adding the scout line upgrade complaints

Bloodlines wasn’t removed from teutons either


Pardon me, I was thinking of husbandry, and the memory appears to be from a thread conversation from a ways back I am fairly embarrassed.

I may have mislead myself with certain threads and given myself a few false notions.
It’s particularly embarrassing since it’s a notion I’ve allowed myself to believe for a few years now.

Thry never had husbandry too


What I mean is that the thread stated bloodlines and I had in my head speed and the conversation went about stating it would be a huge nerf without at least adding the scout line upgrade. Something along those lines / beyond that the notion grew with other threads.

That being said, despite the false notions, It is my belief that since they do not have husbandry and adding in the possibility of removing the +2 armor for the scout-line that it would stand to reason that they would be within balance to receive the initial scout-line upgrade.

I don’t see any reason to change the civ balance. My suggestion would be: change the way modding works so that it’s possible for a graphics mod to reskin the Teutons’ Paladin with the Crusader Knight skin without changing anyone else’s Paladins. Then release such a mod as part of an event.

They would then also be able to rerelease the Mongol Houses to Yurts mod, the only event mod I’ve cared about keeping and the only one you couldn’t keep.

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