Possible ways to incorporate the crusader horseman into Teutons

What about my suggestion to have 2 in one Crusader & Teutonic Knights as cavalry & infantry, similar to a Konnik?

  1. Cavalry are not affected by bonus meele armor anymore

  2. Teutons get a unique paladin replacement upgrade which is the current paladin but with +2 armor.


They already have the crusader walking man, they don’t need it in a horse painted with white.

Adding more special upgrades has opened the pandora box, now everyone will keep asking for special elite upgrades cause of the winged hussar.

So why nerf them before the paladin? They literally don’t need nerfs

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Yeah but is is such a bad thing. Could be coll if they did it. Devs don’t touch old govs to add new features anyway. Maybe some balancing here and hmthere, but never something big. At least I don’t remember them every adding a new unit or building when it’s not a dlc

If the issue is mainly whether or not the knight-line gains +1 melee armor in castle age, there are probably some venues for compensation aside from the scout cav upgrade.

Since you seem worried about mid-game balance of the knight-line, which isn’t a bad thing, perhaps a double-down on their infantry or siege bonuses would compensate in a better way that lines up with the civ moreso than simply powering up their cavalry through the ages. Or even another defensive bonus of some sort, the return of +range tcs in castle age for instance and adding it to the existing +pop garrison space bonus text. Speaking of which I’ll go ahead and make a thread for that specifically.

I feel that it would change the civ too far from its roots, sadly

Nope. It was the only civ in the Original Age of Kings not to have the Light Cavalry upgrade.


placed the link to the other thread in comment 26, may prove useful to counteract the loss of the +1 melee armor in castle age.

Why not just make this a meme unit like the flaming camel in the imperial age?

Because the people who don’t understand flavor will be upset that it isn’t usable.
Just like those who want flaming camel buffed

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People here have a wild fetiche of linking teutons with the crusades. And only teutons (just bc of the teutonic knight?), even when franks and english took far more part in the crusades. Guys, teutons were not fanatic religious soldiers shouting “DEUS VULT” before charging into battle. They’re just the germans. There’s enough flavour with that identity. There’s no need to turn them into a meme templar civ.

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Could be added in the future as part of a new civ. Since we’re apparently splitting HRE into its constituencies (Bohemians), I could see this unit getting split off into some new future civ.

We already have many civs inside the imperial territory, I don’t think devs will split germans

Burgundy represent french and dutch people in the empire
Italians the northern italians imperial cities
Bohemians for slavs
Teutons for germans

I don’t think we need another imperial civ except maybe the swiss

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