Post Animation Cancel: Buff Elphants?

They’re terrific…with animation cancel. But without it, they trade very poorly in a pitched melee combat with any melee unit composition in equal resources: the chief reason being that their surface area is so large that they take damage from multiple enemy units at once.

Perhaps a small AOE damage for tusk attack warranted? Let’s say, 25% of damage is done to units adjacent to the primary target.

They feel overpowered when animation cancelling. For sure. But a simple attack+move battles show that they are terrible at tanking. They’re not that great at counter siege play either since they are too slow for such a role.

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Mounted 2x units deal extra damage and the elephantos are tanky as hell. They are good enough.

They’re in a pretty good place, but because I have an extreme bias toward strong elephants, I’d never be upset with a buff.

Without animation cancel, you’ll just have to bring more scholars along to heal the poor pachyderm.