Post game map reveal enhancements


First of all I would like to give a big thanks to the AOE 4 team and developers for their support and hard work getting our requests done! I’m really appreciating listening to us and adding the post game map reveal and the option to linger and explore.
I have a few suggestions for that feature that might enhance the experience. Most of whom are already featured in other AOE games I think.

  1. It would be cool if the people victory cheering animation would loop post game as well.
  2. Maybe have the characters still respond audibly if being clicked.
  3. Would like to see all the upgrades that were used or not used by clicking the buildings of the opponents.

let me know if this is just me or are there any other players that would like to see these features.



That sure would be a nice thing to see. I’ve never actually known whether or not my opponents had purchased upgrades in this game.