Post Game Statistics - Layout Improvement [SUGGESTION] Image included!


I think the layout of the post game stats can be improved upon a fair bit. The left-hand sections (total score, military, economy, technology, and society) can be placed under the main upper bar (progression, overview, etc).

This allows for the player names to be pinned on the left side of the panel, so the player names stay on the screen, even when scrolling to the right. This is often done in excel spreadsheets, where it’s called “freezing”.

Lastly, the chat window on the right can be floating, meaning it can be minimized, so a full view of the statistics can be viewed and possibly removing the need for scrolling altogether.

I edited two screenshots in one, making this example image. Sorry for the mess, I would’ve done a better job if I wasn’t bound to GIMP (Photoshop failed on me).

I’d love to see your opinions and ideas! Devs, please take a look!


The community doing better UI design. Keep it up!

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