Post Patch 2 attack speed lower across the board

Stumbled into it while testing some stats with Tower of victory. Attack speeds for all military units is slower; 5-9% slower for melee, around 8-10% for all ranged units.

Tower of Victory itself is modifying the speed correctly by 20% but its applying the buff to slower attack speed value.

The bug is active right from the start of the game. Seemingly applies to all units - tested with Delhi, French, Abbasid and English.

Actually, the Attack Speed in the Tooltip was very unreliable before update 17718.

The basic non-siege units that have their attack speeds changed were:

  • (unit): (before) → (new update)
  • Spearman : 1.75 → 1.88 (nerf)
  • Archer : 1.75 → 1.62 (buff)
  • Crossbowman : 2.25 → 2.12 (buff)
  • Handcannoneer : 2.25 → 2.12 (buff)

The values above were experimentally found, rather than relying on what the Tooltip says.
The other basic Melee Infantry and Cavalry are basically the same attack speed before and after patch.

That makes even less sense now. I did the same test before the patch and the dps lined up with the tooltip attack speeds.

Said speeds were:

  • Spearman : 1.75
  • Archer : 1.5
  • Crossbowman : 2
  • Handcannoneer : 2

Longbowmen were off from the tooltip, but that was corrected by the hidden .25 attack delay. I tested 3 civs consecutively post patch and the attack speed reduction was consistent.

Was the lowered attack speed pre-patch a random occurrence, or constant across civs/games?

Very true! Should be getting better. The team is looking into additional attack speed/UI parity in the next update.