Post some fun recs here

I want to try posting recs in the forum to show some fun /cheesy games that I have had, feel free to do the same and maybe discuss a few things about the builds

Otto_nizam.age3Yrec (2.5 MB)

In this game I used the Nizam FF against japan which for some reason always struggle against this. Didn’t help that the guy probably got tilted from losing his cherry orchard but I think the x2 multi against infantry is a pain for japan do deal with.

That and musk with 20 range makes them a somewhat hard counter to japan infantry.

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Utilice esta baraja lakota para derrotar la ia en máxima dificultad, no tengo un video de como fue, pero puedo decir que al menos contra la ia en difícil es muy funcional, probare ponerla en practica contra humanos.