Post your MSN Zone name

For those old-schoolers out there, post your most-used name during the zone days and precise if you were an RM / DM player (or both).

I have fond memories of those years, although I was pretty much a child by then, but my name was IronSteel (RMer), and had my best years around 2002-2004.

I used to play a lot with RFR_Gold, UnbrokeN, Hill_Berries, FIREBLADE, all of the Http clan guys, and a few others.

My id was manslayer

I was in CUC,DL,RANCH,TYRS,BRAVE where i switched to BRAVE_SSJ2GOKU


Hey IronSteel, didnt we play alot of DM together? Cho War a lot with some people named Smiled__ and another named Abhinav(I think…) or something like that? Been trying to look for those guys and reconnect.
That was back in the old ZONE days though. If you or anyone knows their information like email or anything, let me know.

Helepolis_H was my MSN Zone name. Mainly DM player. My best years was 2000~2001. Started playing 1998.

My zone name was Original_noc back in 2001 and 2002. I wasn’t as active after that. I do remember all those guys, Ironsteel. Those were good times!