Potential Ethiopian Battle Elephants

I think it would be a really neat historical nod if the Ethiopians had access to Battle Elephants. Obviously, it’s the wrong species, but considering Persian War Elephants are supposed to be Indian and yet are clearly African, I think that makes things even.

For those unaware, in 525 and 570, the Aksumite Empire used temperamental African bush elephants against its enemies. This was apparently quite effective, since African bush elephants are much harder to calm down than other types of elephants. The former incident is referenced in the Scenario Editor with the Abraha Elephant unit.

So, bottom line is, I think giving Battle Elephants to the Ethiopians would be a fun historical nod. I’m sure it can be balanced somehow; maybe they don’t get Elite or something, I dunno.


There are certain things done for balance reasons. The Ethiopians have a very powerful tech tree as it is.

You can always play with the scenario editor to give the Ethiopians elephants if you really want to see them. As it stands the Ethiopians have decent barracks infantry, missing champions but isn’t much of a big deal. Somewhat lackluster cavalry, but still usable. Awesome archers that fire faster, full siege tech, with amazing unique technology. Medium defensive capability.

Potential for rushes due to resource gain per age.

Lets not start suggesting xyz unit lines for the sake of history, give one civi something and many others will want other units.

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This is a good idea. We could remove knights and give them elephants. We can also visualize how different the civ will play without knights.