Potential ETL Tool native to AWS that can help speed up data transformation aka balance updates

Hi Relic Devs,

Noticed in the stream today that the lead designer loves data. Also looked at data engineer job applications and it seems that AWS is the cloud ecosystem AOE4 data is on. I am a massive AOE fan. I also work for a ETL company that works closely with google and is undergoing an acquisition by Alteryx.

I love AOE4, I love Relic, and in the possibility that our tool can be a resource to the data analysts and engineers at Relic, I have notified our NW sales team of the potential fit.

I have nothing to gain from this other than seeing my favorite game made by a top-tier company get the best tools available to assist in data transformation and wrangling and possibly faster balance updates with improved data pipelines.

Thank you Relic for all your diligent and thoughtful work and love for this franchise. I am your cheerleader.


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