Potential solution to early quitters?

I think the best way to punish quitters in team games is
to just give us the option to block team mates who quit. Just a simple check box to block them which brings up a pop up dialog after the game, then “Are you sure?” to confirm. If they are a regular quitter, this would mean the more they quit, the more other players will block them and the longer they will have to wait for matches in the long term.

This could replace the 5 minute / 30 minute time out system, so even the quitters will be less angry in the short term, because they will be able to queue up for games immediately after a quit. But obviously the more they quit, eventually they will start running out of players at their ELO to match with who haven’t already blocked them. So it’s like training them to stop quitting. The quitters should also get a pop up box when they click Resign before 10 minutes saying “Are you sure you want to quit? Your team mates will have the option to block you for quitting early, leading to longer wait times”

I like your idea, but i see some issues:

  1. The game is pretty unstable. I see a lot of people complaining about all the crashes. It also happens from time by time for me. Your solution would me i would be punished by other players, because of the devs cant make a more stable game. That sounds pretty unfair. At the moment the game cant really distinguish a crash or a Alt F4 it seems. Do you have a solution for this?

  2. Only top and bottom of the ladder are playing a lot against the same opponents. The big portion in the middle dont really play a lot against the same opponents. Your solution doesnt change much for these players. If you replace the current system for dodgers, then will dodgers only benefit from the relief of the bans, while not really be punished by getting banned and the longer queueing times. As result i wont replace this with the time out system. So i wont wanna suggest this will be replacing the time out system, but it is an additional thing.

Real drops / crashes are pretty rare if your internet speed and PC are decent. I just checked my stats and only 0.67% of my games were connection drops. Only solution I can think of is to introduce a short term ladder ban for players who have been blocked by team mates more than 10x times within 2 months. It’s extremely unlikely that you will crash more than 10x times in that time period unless there’s something seriously wrong with your PC or internet.

I think this solution also solves your 2nd point too. It’s unlikely that a genuine crash would happen more than 10 times in 2 months. So the temporary ladder ban will only be activated after 10 blocks in a 2 month period.

The best solution is to align incentives. You want to punish people for doing things you don’t want them to do. That’s almost always a bad idea in a voluntary activity like a game. Over the long term, it’ll split and fragment the community. It’ll also hurt the reputation of the game.

Most importantly, devs will never do this. The work that’ll go into matchmaking when numerous people have blocked each others, combined with map bans, active player times, and bugs, is just not worth it imo.

Just let people ban more maps. Make sure that people are more likely to have a good time in team games. Let them quit at map selection screen if they want to. Give people less reasons to quit early, and they stop quitting early. Simple as that.

I agree and I’ve said this from the beginning. The devs must be aware that’s what most of us want, since there have been dozens of threads about it. The majority of the player base would be happy to just play their favourite map every game, e.g. Arabia, Nomad, Arena, Black Forest etc. The only people against this are the one who play funky maps, because they know they would have to wait forever for matches if they lose all the player pool to single map queues.

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