Potentially unintended side effects of recent patches (constructive feedback)

Hello there! (This version has been edited to include the latest update as well)

We’ve seen many changes the last few patches, here are some things that might have gotten lost in the wind and I believe should be addressed. Most are related to outlaws so if it doesn’t interest you you might wanna stop reading.

  1. Not sure if this issue has always been there, but Dacoit and Pistoleros don’t snare in melee (unlike their counterpart, the Musketeer).

  2. Oklahoma Black Mesa card (Age IV) has even less of a role now that the coal mine Age up (forgot the name) no longer ships 1 infinite coal mine but 2 mines. I think this card should either be moved to an earlier Age, or change the 2 coal mines to be shipped once as 2 and the rest infinite 1 mine. Cherry on top would be to extend mine gather yield improvements from HC cards to affect Gunslingers as well.

  3. Removed/Solved’ (3 pop cowboys, 2 pop gunslingers with Dance Hall for USA)

  4. Outlaws were only being exploited by USA, however, you nerfed all of them, making them almost completely unappealing for other civs again (that had some incentive to use them now with the buff). 1 pop pistoleros and 2 pop Comanchero for example seem fine for non USA and Mexico civs with Advanced Saloon, restricted by one production building.

  5. Even though ‘‘Dance Hall’’ and ‘‘Atonement’’ got reverted (excellent decision!), I suggest that they give outlaws 15% attack and HP, since old civs don’t have an option like this in comparison to new civs. Some people might actually start adding this card to their decks then.

  6. By adjusting American-maps outlaws only, it does raise the question for why the rest of outlaws remained untouched and not buffed in their pop.

  7. It was nice to see you address some underused units, however now some of those still remain untouched like Flamethrowers or White Pagoda version disciples, so it feels uneven. Nonetheless I trust that this was mainly because of time constrains.

Edited update: I really respect that you try out ideas first in PUP and are willing to change those again if something doesn’t play as intended. You’ve shown that you follow the same spirit with reverting Dance Hall to its original effect, I think that same could be done with other points from this list.


This game is unplayable for me. I can’t login on XbLive to pick my rewards, cannot play USA (got it by the 50 states event). Blue screens in main menu. Random crashes playing with any of the new civs.
Unistalling for good and picking the legacy one. The performance is worse after each patch.

Sorry guys but this is a top reason why Aoe2 and It’s DE will be better than 3

It feels like you have more of an overall issue with the game than what I do

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It does seem like the performance has gone down tbh, more freezing.

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Espera te ocurre tambien? antes del parcha de mexico me andaba muy fluido (en graficos medios) pero ahora en bajos incluso se me pega

there is a bug with defense mode that can cause game freezes, especially with large groups of units so becareful

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I have no issues ever before African Royals

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