PowerRating (PR)

could create ranks according to the elo, and bring back our lovely ranks.

Skill Level / Rank Title

50 Field Marshal
47-49 General
44-46 Lieutenant General
41-43 Major General
38-40 Brigadier
35-37 Colonel
32-34 Lieutenant Colonel
29-31 Major
26-28 Captain
23-25 1st Lieutenant
20-22 2nd Lieutenant
17-19 Master Sergeant
14-16 Sergeant
11-13 Corporal
8-10 Lance Corporal
3-7 Private
0-2 Conscript

how would you incorporate the ranks in DE?


Perfectly fine as they are.

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Support! ELO is a meaningless and boring number. But ranks make ladder more interesting. For example:
TOP 1 Field Marshal
TOP 2 General
TOP 3 Lieutenant General
TOP 6 Major General
TOP 12 Brigadier
TOP 25 Colonel
TOP 50 Lieutenant Colonel
TOP 100 Major
TOP 200 Captain
TOP 400 Lieutenant
TOP 800 2nd Lieutenant


The same as most relevant competiive games in modern gaming. Have it elo bracket based untill the point where you reach the top 1% and they get their own individual ranks. Like Dota 2 for example.

The old ranking system with names 2nd lt captain etc was awesome, the current system is bad (wtf is even casual rank and why is it necessary?) and not rewarding/satisfying.


sugeri isso uma vez mais adicionaram um sistema muito ruim

the problem is nobody play casual or care about, so the ranks of casual doesn’t matter to anyone.

very interesting, but bigger positions cannot simply belong to one person, I think updating the position weekly would be interesting
you remain in that position until the following week, and your next placement is according to the position you are in the elo next week

TOP 3 Field Marshal
TOP 10 General
TOP 25 Brigadeiro
TOP 50 colonel
TOP 100 Major
TOP 250 Captain
TOP 500 Lieutenant
TOP 1000 Sergeant

The rest by of by %
Cape Lance

it would be interesting to see the player’s rank on the loading screen, that was very good

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Ranking based on position in ladder is not a good idea. It means your rank can move up and down based on other ppl losing or other players above u dropping out of ladder because of inactivity.

Ranking should be based on ELO.

here is my opinon how the ranks should be classified by elo:

<= 1050 : private
<= 1250 : segeant
<= 1450 : luitenant
<= 1650 : captain
<= 1850 : major
<= 2050 : colonel
<= 2250 : brigaider
Greater than 2250 : general

And maybe u get a star for every 50 games you play as a general without dropping below 2250. Example… 2 star general