Pre-DLC request with devs

Please please please do not butcher with the names. It would be great that the “Indians” civ is renamed but Hindustanis is an equally ridiculous name. It means the exact same but in a different language (Persian). I know you guys can get a better name/region with 1 or 2 days of research.

The other name I am concerned about is the alleged “Ratha”. Please please drop the last ‘a’. I didnt recognise the word for a good 30 seconds. Foreigners will have the correct pronounciation only when it is spelled “Rath”.

Another concern is something called “Kshatriya Warrior”, which is ridiculous since Kshatriya means warrior, and just like the previous one, I would like it to be spelled Kshatriy only.

While it is understandable that outsiders cannot be invited to give suggestions or corrections to maintain the secrecy of the DLC, please get some Indian Hindu to correct the words and grammar after the release.

While not exactly going with the leaks or theories, I have a suggestion that if the Elephant Archer ever becomes the regional unit of the Indian civs, we should extend it to South East Asian civs as well (at least the Burmese and the Khmer) just like how Battle Elephants will be shared with the Indian civs. The Burmese EA should be a decent counter to Archer units especially since Burmese have Parthian Tactics and Howdah to offset the 2 missing armor techs, which add an equal amount of armor. Burmese missing TR wont be huge since EA already have 100% accuracy. Khmer (another civ without TR) would be decent with +10% faster speed (dont apply Tusk Swords). Vietnamese can be another strong with the +20% HP boost. Malay would be broken with the discount.

I dont know if it is allowed to tag devs but I hope they notice this thread.


If the leaks are true, IMO, only the Bengalis would have access to Battle Elephants (because the bonus description)
Also, at least one of the new civs won’t have Hussar, Cavalier, Elite Battle Elephant and Elite Stepper Lancer; base on this I don’t think all the new civs would have access to BE
It’s a good idea that Burmese have Elephant Archers to its tech tree but not sure if that would be the case
We have to wait for more info


man I am really excited to talk about the possibilities

a regional EA unit can solve many problems for the unit itself as well as Burmese. Sure it is possible many other civs do not need it.


Yeah the Burmese EA would have +1 PA compared to a vanilla one with full BS upgrades. So very tanky.

Would be great if they got the EA. But not sure if it would be a viable counter to archer civs? So many variables in question, like we can assume their stats will be nerfed due to availability from ranges.

Either way would love to see em

So many new cool units coming


Hi SauravT, I agree that EA could be very interesting for at least some SEA civs. But I guess that EA will take the spot of CA in Archery Range (meaning Indian civs can’t train CA). And this would not work e.g. with Burmese without taking away CA from them.

Concerning the words: If I’m not mistaken, your concern about Kshatriya WARRIOR is unfounded, as the leak has the UT named Kshatriyas without the “Warrior”. Considering the ending -a in Kshatriya and Ratha, that’s just the English (and not Hindu) word for it. So why change it then? (if there will be a Hindu version of the game, it should of course have correct Hindu spelling there)
The name Hindustanis, I suggested among others already months ago. It has some fitting historical and cultural foundations. Ofc it’s from the Persian word Hindu, but we also still say Hindu for the member of the religion. And the Persian connections fits nicely, because Delhi Sultanate and Mughals were heavily Persianized (and Turkicized). Plus, when meant as a geographical term it only means the North of India (the power center of Delhi and Mughals) and it also alludes to the Hindustani language (Hindi / Urdu) (source).
So I am happy with “Hindustanis”. It’s hard to find a better name for the people of Delhi Sultanate plus Mughals.

I had the same concern, but there’s some historical basis for that name, directly related to the Persianized dynasties ruling the north of India like the former comment says. Additionally, and although that’s completely out of the AoE2 timeframe, there was a kingdom of Nepal in the XVIII century called Asal Hindustan, and this should suggest to you that the term Hindustan didn’t just come from thin air.

Although I must say, it all depends on how good they represent what the name says it represents

I understand that. You understand that. But foreigners will butcher the pronounciation. I suggest for that.

It’s not exactly my concern but the devs concern. They should probably add a 6th row in the UI since they added too many units in the stable as well.

Actually works great. Burmese won’t make regular CA die to missing TR (accuracy issue). Regular Burmese CA won’t benefit from Howdah either. Plus they already have a mobile ranged unit in the Arambai. Khmer too miss Thumb Ring making regular CA below par. Malay lack Bloodlines which is huge for CA but no problem for EA. Moreover Khmer and Malay have Arbalesters to fill in that ranged support role.

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People worried about India renaming remember those who call for the same treatment for Slavs: they were mostfly fine how they were… If i could rename any civ it would be celts (Scottish)

Hindustani represents the territories under the rule of Delhi. It is basically the upper gangaetic planes. The name is much better than Indians. Other names could be Dehlavis, Hindavis, Punjabis or whatever.

In bengali the letter “a” is empasized. It would be even better if the word is written as Ratho because that’s how it is pronounced in Bengali. There is no point of unnecessary schwa deletion (dropping the a)

Again no to Kshatriy, it will make the pronunciation wrong. Why do you want to put a “halant” in the end for all words. Hindi is persian influenced that’s why it has this much schwa deletion.

I am an Utkala Brahmin by Caste and Indian Athiest, my opinion is valid?

Why though? Elephant Archers don’t look South East Asian at all similar to how Battle Elephant don’t look South Asian. If there is no such relevancy look wise why do you want to break the balance of the game?

I hope they notice my response as well.


I am a Brahmin too, but why should that matter?

The Knights or Cavaliers sure don’t look Chinese as well.

And why do you think giving EA to Burmese will break the balance? It will give them a good anti archer option.

because you said you need the opinion of an indian hindu.

that is why you are doing all the other balancing discussions regarding the same. why even do all of that?

What about the word Dravidian? I heard it was a bastardisation of the sanskrit word for Tamil which only recently had its meaning change to cover Kannada, Telugu or Gondi people, is that true?

Apparently some people get really mad when you use “Tamil” to refer to a people instead of just a language, so there’s that.

Imho “Indians” is fine as it is. Many other civs have names that don’t really fit what they’re supposed to represent and, although it wouldn’t be that big of a deal if they decided to correct that at least for a few specific civs (looking at you, Slavs), if our options are pretty much equivalent, I’d take the side of no changes if needed so.

Why did you exclude PT? Vanilla EA has PT as Indians have access to the tech.