Pre-load for Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition is now live on Steam!


Already downloading from fifteen minutes ago. It’s almost among us!

(plays revolution theme in a loop until it becomes annoying)

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I really appreciate it, my internet is not very good and it takes almost a day to download 31 GB, so the preload is excellent news for me


My pre-load is done.

im pre loading atm but only 29gb while the current beta is 34gb…why is that ?

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Does anyone know if there will be a free DLC for higher quality graphics like in II DE? If there will be, I can’t see any way to pre-load it.

It’s not a separate package, 4k textures is already in the main game I presume.


I wish there would be a low def (FHD) version of the game like for AOE 2 DE. Or at least I would like the team to explain us why they couldn’t do it. I believe that a lot of AOE 3 players don’t have a big ssd or hdd and want to keep playing without using that much space disk. I’m on a 256Go ssd and it is a pain to have to buy a new ssd for a game that is “15 yo”.