Pre-Load is Live for AoE II DE

Quick Announcement!

AoE II DE Pre-Load is available now for Steam, Windows Store, and Xbox Game Pass for PC!

Release is soon!


Do I need to delete my beta files? It isn’t downloading.

Thank you so much!

Yes, and change Properties -> Betas to opt-out in Steam.

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Turns out I DO remember things right.

  1. Before I got my beta invitation I strongly recalled being able to preload the game files. (As I had already purchased the game)

  2. When I got in beta and opted in for the beta release , I was asked to re-download.

  3. After beta ended*, on steam the game looked grayed out like as if I didn’t have the game installed

  4. I uninstalled everything I could find from “Add or remove programs” about AoE:DE2 (Assuming that after all I had the beta files only)

  5. Now the team allows preloading , I go to steam to start doing that and “ta-dah” , out of nowhere the 17.5gb of the game is already installed.

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