Pre-made scenario Population limit 0

Game Version:

  • Build: 38862
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: ForSerious4849


Player 7 (maybe others) starts pre-made scenario (Oasis 8 player version) with population limit 0. Building houses does not raise population limit.
Maybe it has something to do with not picking teams in the way that the scenario has laid them out?
Like: players 1 and 2 are suppose to be exclusively on a team together, but I chose to be on a team with them. Anyway, I’ve tried this scenario 5 times as player 7 and only been blessed with population once. The team arrangements were different every time.

Reproduction Steps:

Create a multiplayer game and select Multiplayer Oasis 8 Player only as the game mode.
Set your player to number 7.
Set more than 2 people to be on the same team.
Have at least one other player join.
Fill the rest of the slots with computers.
Start your game.
See if you are blessed with population or cursed to only have 3 villagers for the whole game.