Hello friends, I have the beta installed, but I want to make the purchase of the game, but it appears to me, that if I buy it I would not receive a copy of the game because I already have it installed, you know why?


I am also encountering this issue. As with OP, it states that I already have the copy of AoE2:DE.

Based on a developer comment I saw in the new SOTL video, it appears that we are intended to have to purchase AoE2:DE, and will not receive it for free for being part of the beta. So that rules out my first theory.

What will happen if we pre-order DE now? Is there a chance that it is going to screw up? Should we wait until some bug has been patched out?

Tomorrow is my payday, so I was planning on pre-ordering right away. But based on this thread and other reported issues, I think I will hold off until a developer comments on this.

me pasa exactamente lo mismo, a diferencia de qu eme compre el Bundle de AoE DE y AoE II DE…
pero dice que no recibire el AoE II DE porque “Ya lo poseo” cosa que solo tengo el accesso a la beta

The team is working on a solution to the problem.