Predict the Next Balance changes

Just for fun, what would be the next balance changes?

  • Nerf Gurjaras livestock bonus
  • Nerf Gurjaras Shrivamsha Raider
  • Nerf Gurjaras Camels (+50% bonus damage)
  • Nerf Gurjaras Chakram Thrower
  • Nerf Hindustanis Ghulam
  • Nerf Hindustanis Hand Cannoners
  • Nerf Hindustanis Camel attack 25% faster
  • Nerf Poles
  • Nerf Mayans
  • Nerf Franks
  • Buff Burmese
  • Buff Bengalis
  • Buff Dravidians
  • Buff Elephant Archers
  • Buff Battle Elephants
  • Buff Arambai
  • Nerf Siege Elephants
  • Buff Steppe Lancers
  • No changes
  • Big Balance changes Update
  • Other
  • Dock changes (T90)

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If you have any other suggestions let me know

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Why only 2 votes? <20 chars>

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Add another option - Nerf Hindustanis eco.

How? Making it start in feudal age like they did with persians?

Either that or just a fixed percentage in all ages.

Too late, I cannot add it anymore

Close this post and create a new one

Nah it’s fie now.

What would be really cool if the poll will be closed at some point and in the end we look who made the best prediction and is the best “dev understander” :smiley:

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They’re probably going to nerf Gurjaras and Hindustanis to rockbottom and they end up like Cumans, Burmese. I’d love to see nerfs to Franks, Mayans, Britons as well but don’t think that will ever happen :frowning:


Yes. The only way to escape from Franke Mayan Britons is to play closed map :frowning:

Well outside of Hindustani and Gurjara, there aren’t other OP civs left outside of Franks/Britons/Mayans for open maps, and Turks/Poles for closed maps.

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Nothing has 100% agreement.

But it’s interesting that “Buff Bengalis” has currently 61 % votes.
Seemingly people don’t only care about “nerf xyz! It’s OP!” .


Sad to think in Ghulams being nerfed, but honestly I think they deserve it, but not too much. Maybe -1 or -2 base attack and move it to bonus against archers. This way, still do it very well against archers but would be less effective against others infantry, promoting the use of HC

About Bengalis, really don’t know how to buff them…
Maybe Ratha benefice of cavalry BS upgrades?


Imo the hindustani camel bonus is actually more impactful, but I voted for nerfing both.

Imo the best way would just anything to make the rathas faster accessable.

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i predict this

more bugs introduced


Maybe move Castle UT to Imp, replace nowdays imp UT with something like Anarchy or Marauders for Rathhas and make Vils pop space reduction a civ bonus staggered.

This would make it even more complicated, no?
First you need a castle and then even research a UT to make it from other buildings?

No I speak of making Ratha basically trainable from the moment you hit castle age, like knights.

Mmm idk, Ratha still would be the Castle UU?

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So introduce a new unique building like Donjon/Krepost?

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