Predict the Next Balance changes

I actually had this Idea for my own “Trash Ratha” unit concept:

Make Ratha available in archery Ranges, but cost more and trained slower. This way it is available from castle age directly but you still want a castle at some point to upgrade it and produce it cheaper.

Even without UT? That sounds too powerful but fortunately Bengalis sucks so much that it won’t be OP.

Is it so hard to read a 2-part sentence? 11

I did read that. But that’s Huns UT and Goths UT almost for free. Tarkans train slower too though cost the same. My disagreement not for the feature but again an idea to make them one trick UU civ.

BTW It will be a new thing if same unit costs different due to different building.

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IMO they are already there 11. But why not? We have other one-trick civs already. As long as it isn’t OP I would be fine with having a one-trick UU civ in the game.

Just Switch The Village bonus of Bengali and Hindustani

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I’ve seen this proposal before. While this will be a decent nerf for Hindustanis, I don’t think it will be enough for Bengalis.

I honestly hope they don’t nerf Siege Elephants just because people are throwing games trying to use villagers to defeat them. I like how they aren’t oppressive but require a different strategy to deal with than selecting all nearby villagers and attacking it.


I think a big issue is People also aren’t using AE themselves. Since not that large of the playerbase has bought the DLC, iaw they aren’t seeing for themselves the downside of using AE civs.

It’s mainly coupled to the OP gurjaras, that the AE is potentially OP. Like giving a new but mediocre unit to an OP civ will make people think the mediocre unit is also OP by association

So we’ll end up getting the AE nerfed just because gurjaras civ bonus is possibly too strong (exactly what happened with BE due to Khmer)


Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Its one of the reasons why I think civ bonuses should be kept to a moderate value, 50% bonus damage is too much and definitely causes issues, unless you take away a lot from the civilization. Although I’m not 100% convinced if the Gurjaras are that broken or if they are just the perfect counter to the top 10 Arabia civs.

Hindustanis are definitely broken tho, they are oppressive everywhere: Good Archers, Good Camels, Good Infantry (Ghulams) and one of the strongest ecos.


True. And I really hate this.
I personally want to give them a defensive bonus. The idea is to make them similar to Spanish and Koreans, some stone/tower bonus to protect their eco in the early game to bring their powerful late game strong units - Elephants and Ratha. Here are some of my proposals -

  1. Fortifications are built faster (Old Koreans bonus).
  2. Gold miners generate stone (opposite of Poles).
  3. A spear+skirm bonus as they are mostly defensive unit. For example -
    A) Spear and Skirmisher doesn’t cost wood (Lithuanians bonus during beta). Maybe too OP. Can have a massive discount like 40%.
    B) Spear and Skirmisher 20% HP.
    C) Spear and Skirmisher train 25% faster.