Prefer random feature should also random the postion / player color

I had this idea a long time ago but to lazy to post it.
Really I’m only posting this right now because I’m mad at people rushing to pick pocket and just got a person blaming it on me that we got random civ so he decided to provide no help as pocket as a revenge.

Also I guess it makes sense to have random position when getting random civs, because you usually pick cav pocket and archers flank when playing try hard mode, so no need to have positioned preset if we get random civs.



I would say player rush to pick pocket only happens at lower level. Because pocket is actually really difficult to play you need more map awareness, multitasking because you have to look at your flank constantly, while flank just need to look at one side. Also straight attacking the pocket at lower level could work surprisingly well. They are not prepared and busy booming,

I do understand why they added the position picking, but i do really hate all these pocket pickers. According to aoe2insight i play 2/3 of my games as flank, while 1/3 as pocket. Just because of all the pocket pickers. And many of the pocket games are nomad games, where pocket picking isnt a thing, but it is still called as pocket based on the numbers in a game…

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I’m kind of at that low level actually 11

Haven’t checked the stats for me but I feel like it’s the same 11 I also get grey so many times because for some reason people dont like that color

Even they pick color not a problem if we have team together checked and team positions unchecked. At least we need to have this feature.

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Oh yeah I see, that’s a good idea as well, basically you are saying go back to the previous mod where it’s not necessarly yellow purple teal green pockets, it can be any color.

Well it’s fine. But enabling that would means people who are in an organised team is unable to choose flank or pocket positions that’s not great for serious team games. Maybe just bear in mind that pocket is actually quite hard as well. People who pick pocket aren’t making their game easier. As you and the pocket is the same team, if they let you die, they die too. It is the same.

Random color should be enabled by default in 1v1, just to have more variety, my enemies are always blue or red.

People who don’t like it can just activate friend and foe colors

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All the even numbers are for one player and all the odd numbers for the other. Both can pick from 4 colors, but most dont care about changing them.

Exactly, make the game pick one of the 4 colors at random in 1v1, so even if the players don’t care about changing them, we still get variety (You could still manually pick one if you want to)

I know it’s a very low priority thing to add, but I think it would be neat