Prefer Random in teamgames - alternative method

Currently, if a strict majority in a teamgame chooses the Prefer Random option, then everyone in the game goes random. Else, nobody goes random. I propose an alternative method where part of each team goes random.

Full explanation
Suppose two teams face each other. In team 1, x players choose Prefer Random, and in team 2, y players choose Prefer Random. Without loss of generality, we can assume that x is smaller than or equal to y. Then all x players from team 1 who chose Prefer Random, go random. From the y players from team 2 who choose Prefer Random, x are chosen at random, and they go random as well.


  • Suppose in a 2v2 game, one player on each team chooses Prefer Random. In the current system, no one goes random. Under my proposed system, everyone who chose Prefer Random actually goes random, and everyone who didn’t, doesn’t.
  • Suppose in a 2v2 game, everyone chooses Prefer Random except for one player. In the current system, this player would be forced to go random. Under my proposed system, this doesn’t happen, but his teammate and one player from the other team will still go random.

First of all, nobody who doesn’t want it is forced to go random.
Secondly, I do think people who do choose the Prefer Random option will go random more often. Under my proposed system, they don’t need a (strict) majority anymore to go random.


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You can already go random by picking ‘random civ’ as civ? So if you prefer to go random, this is already an option.

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Under that logic, why do we even have the Prefer Random option?

Devs will never change their system cause, picking civs is one of the best ways to ensure that many people will have to buy their new DLC because of the broken new civs.

I don’t understand your argument? My proposed system literally guarantees that people who want to pick their civ always get their civ.

The “prefer random” system was introduced because it was too hard to get games were everyone play a random civ in matchmaking. With the current system it means both people who pick and go random get games like they want, with your idea it’s just the same as if people who favour random just picked random, which has always been possible.

No, with my idea, if everyone chooses Prefer Random or picks a civ, then it is guaranteed that both teams have the same number of players who go random. Picking Random does not have this feature.

I think many players prefer all random or all picked. Not some hybrid version where some of the team get random civ and other pick civs. Except for players that already pick random as picked civs. But that is already possible.

The new civs were very bad at the release. They had to buff both new civs.

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