Prelate patrol, rally to control group and default defensive stance

I exclusively played holy roman empire during the beta and found myself missing the following features.

  • I would like to se a patrol command. when used with a prelate that has buff unit on autoactivate it will patrol and buff when a villager comes is near. I would make for a thematic experience and also a meaningful micro to setup to buff your economy. To my knowledge prelates are caped at buffing 10 units so it would not be op in my opinion.

  • Monk, prelate units in control groups with armies that are given a attack command walk to the point instead of “healing to the point” I mainly experienced this during the closed beta and not sure if it was fixed. HRE are designed to have prelates in the army and for that to work this needs to be fixed.

  • I also struggled with rally points and had to use the select all idle military units key to find all my units that were not yet in a control group. I would like to se that barracks, stables and so on can be set to have a control group as a rally point. Making it so that units spawned by these barracks automatically join the control group and walk to the center of “the army ball”. As well as being automatically in the formation mode that the control group has. Which brings me to my last point.

  • I exclusively played HRE with infantry and found that the key late game was to use a lot of siege and a infantry death ball. So as long as you would win the siege skirmish against another player you would force your enemy to you which is otherwise infantry’s weakest point that you cant force engagement. Units are set to a default aggressive tight formation stance. Which i had to change every time a new unit joined the control group (every 3 seconds) because i cant have them running in to enemy archers every time they poke, when i need them to stay close to my mangonels. Therefore I would like to se that units that join a control group automatically are put in the same stance as that of the control group.

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