Prelates once again stops buffing vills. Also village gather sheep bug

Played a game today, the prelate refused to buff after being pushed. The icon is greyed out and he refuses to buff.

Also villagers stuck at 21 food after gathering food from deers and then switch to sheep.

HRE is sadly still a mess…

But nerf regnitz lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes they are. However, when prelates randomly stop buffing villagers they have 0 economic advantage unless you get Regnitz. Which to be fair, is not even that good compared to other civs economic bonuses. I’d take guild hall any day over Regnitz.

Community asked for buff and devs nerfed HRE.

HRE is totaly unplayable right now against any civ.

Just got my ■■■ whooped by a aba player. He spammed camel archer in feudal, I had nothing literally nothing to compete with. Spearmen takes x2 dmg, MAA gets outkited, archers deal half of their dmg with less hp. Cavalry deal 20% less dmg.

@CoralDuke572052 thank you for reporting! The team is working on the food gathering bug. We’ll check into the Prelate bug once again. Much appreciated!