Premature Mali Donso tower rush

This is the kind of stuff you do when you’re hype and cant wait…

I’ve contrive an early mongol like spearman tower rush strat given the info unveiled on the offical site and gamescom interview. My 2 assumptions are:

  1. Donso have exact same cost and stats as spearman with the added bonus that they can throw their first attack 3 tiles with the throwing mech being on a 10s cooldown.
  2. Gold mine pits cost 150 wood and takes 30s to build (just like ovoo), and have gold trick rate of 25‐40 gpm; AND enemy villagers canNOT mine from the gold vein occupied by the pit!

Under these assumptions, I envision an extrmely early donso harrass on enemy gold into woodline tower rushes followed by multiple gold pits about the map!! Heck if enemy cant mine from gold occupied by a pit, you’ll early donso plus scout harrass the main gold mine and send a villager to place a pit on their secondary gold mine force them to siege it down which gives you their location and time to react and kill their villagers!! Meanwhile passively getting enough gold to age with all your villagers on food and wood!! (The old china way!!!)

I’m in love with this civs aggressive potential!!!

Wait, what? Extremly early… multiple gold pits… ?? Do you hear yourself? If gold pits will costs as you said 150 wood, you can make ONE, maybe TWO before aging up in reasonable time. Then, making enough army to defend in feudal is other thing.

But we must see the stats to be sure

feudal?? lol I said Dark Age rush! Just like mongols that can get up 3 towers or so in Dark Age with spears to defend; so likewise if you rush enemy (non Rus) gold mine to delay their age up you’ll have more time to put up your gold pits and similar to Delhi old dark age sacred sites you can wall the pits in!! for 90 wood?