Preorder: Option to buy soundtrack?

As an enormous fan of the AoE soundtrack and of good soundtracks in general, I was really excited to preorder this as I was hoping for the soundtrack to be included. However I can’t seem to find anything like this? I want to preorder now but at the same time I’m waiting to see if perhaps there will be a different edition that includes the soundtrack. To me this is one of the major appeals to preordering, as many games will include the soundtrack. Anyone?

There were several discussions on the forums asking about the possibility of a digital collector’s edition or digital anniversary edition of Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, but from the announcement yesterday it doesn’t appear as though that is in the cards.

Looks like we’ll have to buy the game and soundtrack separately.

Below is a link to the collector’s edition discussion thread if you would like to contribute:

you can buy the new soundtrack here :

@rhrmn @jennywaboom I just came across this on Youtube did the soundtrack leak ahead of time?