Pressing 1[x2] should go to main army. Not to a single unit in the middle of nowhere

If 1 is the army control group, pressing 1 twice should move the camera to the bulk of the army (e.g. 50 units fighting together at the front). It works like this sometimes, but it’s unreliable. Sometimes, if there is a single unit on the other side of the map inside the same control group, it moves the camera to that single unit instead of the bulk of the army.

We need to easily move the camera between our army and our main base. The current implementation makes this difficult. When I tap 1 twice to see the main fight, I don’t know what to predict – is the camera going to move to where I want it to go (the 50 units fighting), or is it going to go to a single spearman doing nothing?

If you survey Diamond/Conquerer players about this, you will find this is a very common pain point among all of them. Please implement a fix for this so the camera will reliably move to the largest group of units.


This one is by design. I believe it works where the center point is calculated, then the camera focuses on the unit/building/whatever closest to that point.

I will capture your feedback on this, though. Thanks @Trader2519!