Pretty big rendering errors on any zoom level except 50%

Game Version:

  • Build (101.101.32875.0.4392666)
  • Platform (Steam)


If the game is on any zoom level except 50%, some items (primarily trees) don’t appear to finish rendering, and instead become this unpleasant pixelated mess.

If returning to 50%, the rest of each tree graphic suddenly ‘pops in’ and the pixelated mess is gone. However, if zooming in or out, this ‘pop’ never happens, and the trees remain a mess.

Same issue exists for the terrain grid. It’s like it’s using the ‘zoom out’ LOD levels when zoomed in, or something weird like that. Pretty ugly, unfortunately.

Here’s the grid and treeline zoomed in:

(Forum prevents me from posting more than one screenshot as I’m a new user, so here’s a link to the Steam thread with screenshots showing issue:

Playing without UHD graphics DLC.

Reproduction Steps:

This is a constant occurrence when I zoom at any level other than 50%.

Are you still seeing this?

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I’m afraid so - it’s still there as of the most recent update. It’s almost like there’s an extra ‘layer’ to some graphics that only appears at 50% zoom - you can see it pop in as the zoom ‘settles’, but it’s not there on any other zoom level.

Here’s another thread from someone who’s having the same issue, right down to the ‘it’s only OK at exactly 50% zoom’ thing:

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