Price is horrendous in Australia


A typical triple a game in Australia is normally 89.95. Taking Halo Infinite as example. Why is the price marked up to 100 AUD for no reason? Gamepass encouragement? No thanks.

I’ve played the Technical Stress Test, and this is not worth 100 AUD at the slightest. Very similar content when compared to aoe3 de or aoe2 de. Disappointing for the lads down under.


Even more in NZ with over $110 NZD. And to think, AoE2, which I honestly prefer, costs $30 NZD.

You have it rough in general afaik.
When it comes to AoE IV- a lot was written about the price point. A lot of things that are known to us influence it, but still many important elements like campaigns, number of multiplayers maps, skirmish options in full version etc. are still a mistery and it’s hard to judge wheter it’s too high or priced accordingly.
For some people visuals alone set it around ~40$ price tag.

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