Prithviraj 5 - Ghurids won't stop raiding?

I am playing Prithviraj 5 for silver medal, after 4 or 5 raids from orange player, Ghurid Raiders (like 90 minutes in game time) I got the message that Ghurid raids were stopped and they won’t raid me anymore, even box with that achievement was marked as green, completed. Clock was no longer measuring time to another raid, so I thought that orange won’t bother me anymore. But then, after aprox next 15 minutes I was again attacked by orange player, Ghurid Raiders?
Is it normal or bug, shouldn’t they stop their raids completely?

It’s normal, every 15 minutes they attack you… you have to defeat them first before focusing on the green, yellow and cyan…

Defensive strategy

Note: The Poet still cannot carry Relics. The player cannot make more Town Centers except for the ones belonging to the Rajas that were converted.

This guide assumes that the player struggles to manage a large base, and the player is willing to play a long, drawn-out defensive game. It is possible that most of Town Centers except one might be lost to raids.

Each converted Raja provides one of the following group of technologies researched for free:

  • Bhima: Husbandry, Light Cavalry, Chain Barding Armor, and Bow Saw (1,000 resources total).
  • Subhatavarman: Fervor, Sanctity, Long Swordsman, Arson, Chain Mail Armor, and Heavy Plow (1,225 resources total).
  • Paramardi: Thumb Ring, Bodkin Arrow, Leather Archer Armor, and Stone Shaft Mining (1,500 resources total).
  • Vijayasimha: Ballistics, Murder Holes, Guard Tower, and Gold Shaft Mining (1,475 resources total).
  • Any subsequent conversion will give Kshatriyas, Frontier Guards, and ability to build Castles, respectively. Each successful conversion will also gives the player 400 food, 400 wood, 300 gold, 100 stone.
Opening moves
  1. Convert Vijayasimha first.
  2. Gather all the forces available, and convert the Rajas one by one, from bottom to top. While doing so, the player should send in their soldiers to serve as distractions while the Poet converts the Raja. As time is of the essence here, it is more important that the Rajas be quickly converted than to reduce troop losses.
  3. Concurrently, gather all Villagers near the middle of the map, where 2 Stone Mines and about 5-6 Gold Mines are located. Mine them out as quickly as possible. This is a safe move since the Yadava, Chola and Pagan only begin attacking the player much later - and mining these resources will deprive them from using it against the player later in the game.
  4. While the other 3 Town Centers are destroyed, wall off the southern entrance of the top base with double walls (ideally, the player should research the Fortified Wall upgrade as well).
  5. With all Rajas already converted, the player can build the first Castle to protect the top entrance to the top base.
  6. The player should also build two Docks in the shallow stream at the same entrance, then wall of most of the entrance - leaving only a small gap to funnel the enemy troops into
  7. Research and spam Galleons. About 40 are needed to reliably protect the gap in the walls.
  8. When possible, build the equivalent of another two Castles near the gap in the walls (some players prefer to use towers) to protect the northern entrance.
  9. When possible, build about five Trebuchets to provide counter-fire against enemy Trebuchets.

Following these steps, the game plan consists in simply troubleshooting and ensuring that the base does not get overrun.

About 20 minutes after it is announced that the Ghorid raids have ended, the inevitable slowdown in the flood of enemy soldiers will become noticeable. When the player feels confident, they can destroy Yadava with about 40 Chakram Throwers and another 10 Trebuchets. This will allow the player to trade with Yadava’s Market - and ensure that the game is pretty much won.

Tricking the game

While the first objective is to convert one of the four rajas, nothing in the game forbids the possiblity of simultaneous conversions. After a few seconds, a trigger prevents your poets from being selected. Pause the game, select all of them and start converting.

Unpausing the game will end up resulting in one, two, three, or four out of four conversions. Obviously, odds of simultaneous conversions will be increasingly smaller compared to the previous n. Nonetheless, converting two rajas instantly by this method is relatively easy, and the player looking for better luck can restart and repeat the process quite rapidly. As has been said in the previous strategy, converting the rest of rajas is not difficult. And achieving the next conversion only takes to wait for the poet/monk to get charged, use your sturdy elephant and/or raja units to act as a distraction, and convert.

Rapidly converting all four rajas facilitates a bigger and faster booming strategy, providing a better economy from the very first minutes. If done right, and the portion of the player is well explored, no resources will be a scarcity before the first raids. Castles, upgrades, and mass production will be affordable before the first raids, and any kind of future losses will have a minor impact.

Well, thank you. But I assumed that the raids will be no more after surviving few of them and after the message that “Ghurids raids have ENDED”. Guess that’s a lie then :sweat_smile:

No they don’t stop, that’s the issue xd… you have 15 minutes of peace where you can prepare and create troops and trebs and then in between the raids, go and attack and gradually destroy them, that’s why you convert from bottom to top and By the way, you are taking resources from your enemies so that at the end of the game they don’t have to be able to counter you…