Pro play on Mongols

Aussie_Drongo says Mongols are OP AF


as you can see the Mongols is the best infantry civ.

But, in the game (strength of the Mongols) and historically, the Mongols are the most powerful cavalry civ ever existed.

The main reason is that the 2x training of infantries are dirt cheap, the Mongol infantries get 15% movement speed from the feudal age (other civs get it at the castle) and have +5 more torch damage if you get ovoo upgrade and can build most sieges on the field.


This is a game, not a reality. If it is a reality, the Chinese in the game should be more powerful. The game ignores that the Chinese in the Tang Dynasty were a very powerful and aggressive civilization. It must be admitted that the Mongols in aoe4 are relic’s own sons.


I wouldn’t consider the Tang dynasty to be powerful in the year 907, where the game starts for the Chinese. I think starting with Sui dynasty would have been better, but here we are. I definitely agree they should be more powerful than now. But hey, even they got conquered by the Mongols in reality. Although the Mongols in the game feel kinda like there’s a one trick in the upper management at relic the designers don’t want to ■■■■ off

I dont get how anyone wins with the Mongols. I need to use them more and try to get better with them

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Hey, I really love your in game speech quote analysis video, would you please make the English and French one as well?

me too, too complex mechanics, couldnt make the most of it, got crashed in minutes. not op not super double no nothing.This proves that the “opness” of the civ depends on: players skills.