Pro Scouts in Dark Age

You can keep Pro Scouts expensive the way it is. But allow people to research it in dark age. It should be balanced. Because it is a lot of gold (more than wheelbarrow) for dark age so a risk, but an investment. But in feudal it is just too much a bother, and therefore not used. Still would be easy enough to counter with a few spearmen to guard some dear. Would allow some dark age action.


I think it’s cost 275g and 75w is too much for dark age. It will delay age up too much with the risk to be rushed few minutes later. Atleast in 1vs1 not worth at all

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At least the Rus should have it in age1

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Everyone should have it at age 1 for the exact same current cost but the research time shpuld be reduced to 25s. The idea would NOT be to delay your age up but rather to transition into pro scout after starting to age.

This would prompt more villager exposure on gold which benefits counter early/dark age aggression. At the same time being able to collect the deer 2 to 3mins sooner would be huge if unchallenged!!

This tech alone would revitalize Rus, further improve Mali and give cheap tech civs like french and free delhi a new viable playstyle.

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For some reason, I didn’t even know you get pro scouts. That’s the research you get at the mill right? I never really see the point in researching it. I just do it when I have nothing else to research or have spare resources.

You can bring deers corpse with scouts under your tc in safe position. This food resource have a higher gather rate than farming, sheep and barries

Yes, I was actually aware of that. I just build a mill at the deer though. But I can see how that would be a good strategy to keep your villagers safe.