Problem Creating Bridges With Triggers

In my scenario I have 2 islands I would like to connect by way of triggers, so that land units can travel between them freely once conditions are met.

I therefore created multiple “create object” triggers for the appropriate bridge pieces between these islands. When the conditions are met, the bridge appears as expected. However, the bridge isn’t functional–Land units cannot walk on the bridge—they can only walk to the edge of the land under the bridge. Ships can just sale through the bridge as though it wasn’t even there. Although I can see the bridge, the game is behaving as though the bridge isn’t there.

If I build the same exact bridge using the same parts (as opposed to making the bridge using triggers), the bridge works as normal—land units may pass from island to island using the bridge, and ships can’t sail right through the bridge.

Any idea how to get functional bridges which are created by triggers? This smells like a bug to me.

I solved this problem in a such way: cover the territory with shallow (passable) water, but blocked it in the center with unpassable object (stone)
So, ships can travel through the shallows, but ground units stop near the stone.
Then create a trigger that delete this object and replace it with the bridge section
I think there is no other, more beautiful way, this problem is very old

That will work for sure. However I was really hoping to have an element of surprise where players would have no idea that the islands would be connected by a future trigger–having shallows and rock there kinda makes them think it might happen. I can’t believe this hasn’t been fixed! Seems like such a basic issue.