Problem downloading scenarios

I get the “Something went wrong, try again later” error on two custom scenarios. I’ve downloaded others without problems. Both are under single-player scenarios: “Age of Empires: City ​​of Mycenae” and “Age of Empires: Labyrinth I”. I’ve tested on several browsers and on two different days. Any hints would be helpful.


City ​​Of Mycenae

Labyrinth I

Both of these appear to have no content to download. @RadiatingBlade if you edit and reupload yours that should fix it. I’ll see if we have any way to reach the other creator to have them do the same.

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Okay. I’ll try this later today.

@VidfamneOrigin My scenario should be fixed now. I was able to download it after a re-upload. Please try it again.

I cannot edit mine… (#259) and i have this red box too :frowning: What is going on? I could edit it thirty minutes ago and just went back to change title, and boom, the page is broken…

Yes, I was able to dl Labyrinth I. Thanks!!!

The other is still broken though.

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