Problem I feel about aoe4

I think this game would done a lot better if picked different time line.

But they pick same time line as done aoe 2 so now it has to be compared as the same.

Biggest problem I see as looking at Britton on aoe 2 and looking English in aoe 4.

Longbowmen in aoe 2 it made it such 2 dimensional that most of fights is through castles, trebs and longbow men. You can get away with it in degree. But looking at aoe 4 they made them cheap basic archer. That’s very off putting. I am sure they did that cross the bored.

It’s like aoe 3 but that was expected because guns vs bows and I think aoe 4 should aoe 3 time line. Then aoe 4 been more praised and they could stripped aoe 3 features batch units for most part and home stead and still think people praise aoe 3 would be more acceptable to aoe 4 then aoe 2 audience.

They tried to make every civ play unique but made unique units into basic. Which I feel wrong direction to take. I could be wrong but I feel that’s what they sacrificed.

So it feels that people who love aoe4 were people picked a civ more on units and tech and didn’t really care much of civs unique units.


I swear, in AOEIV most unique units are just worse than the basic units.
And that makes this game completely pointless and makes the civs weaker when they use their unique unit…


Yes, or directly in the modern age (remember that in both world wars several empires fought and that some like Great Britain and Portugal lasted until the end of the 20th century)…

We dont play the same game lmao

you are playin vs bots then

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Only England long bowmen are powerful as they are English then other civs unique units are trash.

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I personally enjoy that they fill each civ with lots of unique units. Some are flat out weaker, but also cheaper. They all have their own niche and can be used effectively in the right circumstances.

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Don’t get that point too. What about the unique replacements feel weaker? Longbows > archer, royal knights > knights, hre maa > maa, sipahi, ghazi raider… Only units that are weaker in 1v1 Arche palaceguards and keshiks. But they have another role in the game.

what does specialty unit mean to you??
b/c Nest of Bees are OP ( may need a nerf)
Mali archers with posion??? NEED A NERF
Rus knight already got a nerf…
french knights
oh remember Fire lancers? (they got nerf was too strong); same with Palace Guards??

I seem to think you and the rest of you saying specialty units are trash… don’t play this game at a high level enough
abbasid infantry with military wing especially phalanx spearman and composite bow archers

and I dont know HOW
I forgot Ottoman Sipahi??!! (the one that had to get nerfed and nerfed again??)

I have an idea for a historically accurate medieval RTS. It still has to be fun and interesting, of course, but the priority is historical accuracy, so it’s designed specifically for history buffs who essentially want a simulator game.

The time period is 800-1100, so it covers the middle of the Early Middle Ages when castles started to crop up. I feel like that’s the most interesting time period.

Another thing to mention about it is that it pretty much exclusively focuses on Europe, at least for the time being, because I want the power scaling to be historically accurate too, and I didn’t want to have to raise the question of whether or not Europe would be able to beat Asia.

Like I said, it’s just an idea, but I’m hoping that I’m able to make it eventually.

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Do you see players using these units? If these units arent played as they arent powerful, they are trash.

Dude, sipahi, palaceguards, zhu ge nu, nobs are used every game u play against ottoman or china. Don’t know what u are talking about.

Do jans, great Bombard, Mongol horse archers, used by pros every game?

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Jans and bombard I think yes, when it comes to imp. Not every unit is useful but u talking about unique units at all. Congratz u found one that’s not useful, except for teamgames.

@Lectar91 he’s moving the pole on you…dont chase him.

He thinks if he can find a few TRASH specialists units he can validate his claim that ALL specialists units are trash. He already knows…by his own comments that he’s being hyperbolic.


I will agree on these units are either NICHE or subpar:
Musofadi warriors
War Elephants *
All the english age 4 specialists units that come from the landmark
Abbasid MAA*
Grenadiers **(mainly locked behind too expensive an upgrade and poor tradeoff of yuan dynasty speed for 10%hp)

I dont think i missed any?

You can think whatever you want but most of the age of 4 units are trash as they arent strong and pro players dont use them. You can search and find rants about unique units rants at the forum. Writing unique units are good by you doesn make they are good.

I get in trouble for calling ppl liars…but I’ll take the trouble. You’re lying! There was a One shot tournament played just yesterday and 2 top players Beastyqt and 3d!Bee (ever heard of them???) They used several specialty units in their matches?? Bee’s matches are unlocked so you can go watch for yourself in game if you like THE TRUTH… or go to beastyqt stream and watch yesterday’s stream…AGAIN if you’re after the TRUTH, it’s right there easily accessible as it pertains this matter. You’re the one that WANTS to think whatever you want to think despite the plethora of evidence juxtapose to your skewed perspective.

Just let him. I mean what we are talking about? Do royal knights lose against other knights? Does hre maa suck vs other maa? Does nest of bees suck?

I mean for real. These are just better units compared to the normal ones.

So I still don’t get his point.

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Mangudai is unique unit which cost gold and get countered by basic archer and basic pike in melee.
Elephant cost much more gold and are countered by basic spearman.
Landsknight cost also gold , slow, can be killed by anything. Still basic archer or basic mma kill this expensive unit.
Royal knight is unique knight which is countered by basic spearman + archer.
If you don’t understand this, then you don’t understand how much time you put making this gold, while your opponent is having a blast only with basic units while advancing in the next age.


Fine, so spearman don’t counter normal knights right? Archer counter royal knights? Ok. Landsknechte do a lot dmg if they connect, so u add them to maa as dmg support. Ye elephants die to spearman, so get a maa frontline or add archers. Sure elephants are not that strong atm but with all imp upgrades they still hurt.

Your argumentation is like "my unique unit had a counter unit, my unit sucks. Wtf?

My hre maa die to mass musofadi, they suck. Ye, add some sucking landsknechte and see that happens to the musofadi.

Edit: I forgot. Arbaletier die to horseman, they suck. Musofadi die to archers, they suck. Sofas die to spear, they suck because they cost gold.