Problem with CD AI?

Game Version:

  • Build (333150)
  • Platform Steam

So i dont think the CD AI is working. I keep trying to set up games with the different AI either in standard or with a friend and while the HD AI will say it next to their names the ones i set to CD dont just like the normal AI…they also seem to be way better at the game and are crushing other AI and rushing me way faster…

Reproduction Steps:

start a standard game and try to play with CD AI.

i attached a screen shot with all 3 AIs joining into a game but the only one you can notice is HD one.

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is anyone else noticing this?

I just tried to set up a CD AI versus HD AI and CD AI was blowing destroying it and doesn’t list it as CD in the game. I think its switching it to new AI.

I did a quick test and also noticed, that CD version AI is listed as normal AI, but have not checked how strong it is.

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