Problem with DLC Enhanced Graphics Pack

I installed the game via steam and i started download free DLC Enhanced Graphics Pack, after few hours it was finished but the process of download started again 16GB. How can I fix it?

Can you fully exit steam, re login in and see if it’s still happening?

I tried exit steam, re login to account and restart PC but DLC is nowhere and the game has still 17GB

Here’s a forum on Steam that talks about the issue. You may be able to find solutions in there.

I too have this disappointing problem. I am “borrowing” the game through family share so I don’t have to rebuy the game like 5 times. I can’t even see the DLC tab anymore for the game to tick the box(on the account that is loaning the game). I have not yet gone back to test with brothers account.
It’s greyed out for me in game though.

This is an issue that needs urgent attention I believe because one of the key selling points was the snazzy reworked graphics…

It must be downloaded three times and then It working. I don’t why but Its working.
I find it in this discussion: