Problem with game versions? transfering account

Hi, I have a problem with my account, maybe it will be clearer if I wrote it down in points:

  1. in 2020 I have bought a copy of AOE2:DE (right now I have some suspicions that it might be a bootleg or pirated version, because it doesn’t register on my steam account). I was always logging into it with Xbox account. I have played it up until last week, when I had some minor problems with new challenge for LOTW. (on that account I always had problems like updates being late, like 2 days after official release). I provide some screenshots, they are marked with a red star on them.
  2. after this suspicions I decided to buy a copy of game from steam. I installed it today, but it seems that I have a problem with logging into my account, something weird happens when I try to do it, I can’t log with my Xbox account (even if it says that it is what it does) and it redirects me to Microsoft account, which is absolutely new and with different username and all. Screenshots are marked with a green star.
  3. my question - is there any way that I can log into my old account on new game? Please help, I don’t want to loose that progress and play under different name.

sorry for my english, if anything needs clarification I will try to write it down again in different words

EDIT: sorry, I suppose I can only provide one image at a time, I will post rest of them in comments