Problem with new difficulty jump

Im not new to AoE2 and not a rookie either, i’ll have no problem with the old ai until the hardest difficulty and the new ai i can easily beat without problem up too moderate difficulty without any real challange, i beat them 9/10 and realy dont find any challange or learning from that at all but when i go to Hard i get beaten so hard i dont know what too do, i feel like it jump a bit too much from moderate too hard. I often play 3v3v2 or 3v3 too help me practise build orders and all. But when i play on new ai hard the enemys difficulty jump to much from moderate in my opinion and i just can’t keep up, whats the best practise against new ai on hard?

The difficulty curve was a problem in the HD AI, too.
Best way to deal with the new AI on hard is rushing with towers, archers, or a man-at-arms rush. They key is beating then in feudal age.
You can try playing then in “water” maps first. AI will spend most of it’s economy spaming thousands of boats, so you can beat it as long as you stay out of the water. Rivers is a good map to try that.
Don’t worry too much about losing to hard-extreme AI. I’ve been raped in 5v3 against bots (5 humans, 3 bots), and i consider myself an average player, at least.

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I am actually on the opposite boat in this… Although I will say that I play vs Barbarian Hardest a lot. I beat extreme AIs 1v3 with some difficulty and 1v1 is no fight at all.

AI doesnt know what to do if you stall its eco. you have to raid early or you have no chance in the harder difficulties. dropping a forward archery range and throwing a couple of archers into their woodline/over main gold will gimp them enough for you to catch up to their macro. then just finish them before IMP, because once they get there… their micro is just too ■■■■ strong.

Boats map are just so boring, any kind of water and they make horrible wall of docks, it just ruin the game

and when ai dont rush me too death, they all stand in their bases doing nothing untill i’ll attack, i feel like its such a big disconect between Moderate and Hard