Problem with reinstalling

First, after an error the game stopped working with an error that said it couldn’t find a connected device. I had to uninstall it and from there, after looking at hundreds of forums nothing has worked for me. Try to download the game but never get it, and the install button does nothing. Thanks in advance.

hello…I have a problem and I don’t know what to do … it gives me this error … " Intel® HD Graphics GPU with vendor id 32902 and device ID 70is not Direcx 11 compliant" can you help me?

I am having the very same problem here. The game stopped working with the same no connected device error. MS Store shows only Install option, but it does nothing.

Please all check if you are running the latest Windows build (1903 and up is current at the moment).

Also check if your device correctly is added to your MS account.

I have read on the forum in other posts somewhere that if you have a supported dedicated GPU installed it could help disabling the Intel HD Graphics GPU below system devices and then launch the game again.

1909 for me. And the device appears on my Microsoft Account. I also downloaded another app just to check DE is the only one with the problem.

Do you still have enough free disk space on your system drive?
Did you also check the download queue in MS store app below ‘…’ in the top bar left from your profile picture?

Also try to sign out from MS store app and then manually check for updates and thereafter sign in again and try to update the game again. A reboot in between after the sign out from MS store might help too.

I have the same issue. Been playing it since January and now not working. Tried re installing but nothing is working. Computer has loads of space and it’s linked to my account. Can’t get it to re-download from Microsoft store