Problem with server synchronization (client to server data sending)

Game Version:

  • Build 101.101.34223.0 4509956
  • Platform Steam


Game client is updated with server data (game state is synchronizing as expected, I see units movment also that which are made by other players) but server isn’t waiting for my data to be recived so this result in my units executing commands with hudge delay, its imposible to play. Ping icon is always blue, its’t chaning state (like before when it was working correctly before “December Update”).

It’s just looks like FPS games when server is not waiting for client to update it state, but in this case im reciving server info (movment done by other players).

So when connection is “spiking” (connection quality is bad for short period of time) this make game unpossible to play, becouse of “micro interactions” (example: mangonel shoting to your crossbowmans).

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Simulate a bad connection quality
  2. Watch ping icon isn’t changing state and watch to server not waiting for data synchronization from client with bad connection

Screenshots don’t show nothing that can help in this case, becouse as I said before ping icon is not changing, I can upload some recoreded games if there are some connection/sycnhronization logs this could propably be useful.

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Wasnt happening to you this since release? From what I understand from your post looks like a expected game behavior to me, to prevent lagging the game for the rest of the players.
And by the way, you can check server ping with F11 (cycle command), the blue ping icon you are referring to is the frames per second indicator.

Thank you for this good issue description.

I have the exact same, there is something like 30 seconds delay between my order and the action,
the villager say “yes i will do that” and then stay doing nothing for 30 seconds, then do it …
The time goes normaly and vils stay idle

by the way my computer is brand new good HP with windows 10

In previous realeases evrytime someone was lagging FPS (thanks for the clarification) icon was turning yellow/red, so that was my implication.

It never happened to me before “December update”

Anyway it’s still looks like a bug, becouse im reciving all data from server (game isn’t freezing or units aren’t jumping) and my commands are executed with hudge delay.

I’ll check server ping when this will happen again.

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