Problem with siege physics

I`ve enjoyed the military combat in age 4, its definitively different from the other age games, but it is quite fluid and fresh imo.
But one of the things that bother me a lot is when we have to use siege, because the physics looks really strange.
I will list some of the siege that I think still needs some work:

  • Trebuchet: Its really hard to see the rock that is being thrown, and because the zoom level is too close, it seems that the projectile actually goes over the game camera, or at least very close to the camera. It feels that the devs simply are drawing a Parabola dispite the distance of the trebuchet to the target.

  • Mangonel: Although we can see the projectiles being thrown, the “perfect Parabola” mechanics that appear in the Trebuchet display here on a smaller scale. So it just feels very artificial.

  • Cannon: Once again, it is really hard to see what is being thrown, but the worse is when it hits a unit, basically the unit dies just as if they shot by a gun, there is no impact feedback of the cannonball like in age 3 for instance.

I didn`t see visual problems with the rams and siege towers.


I don’t think I understand the parabola complaint, that’s just how physics works. Although maybe they are going a bit too high and that’s what you mean, I imagine this is to allow more counter play though and have units dodge.

I agree on some projectiles being a bit too hard to see, but not for cannons, those should be moving too fast. A bit more feedback where the cannon ball hits would be nice though. Not to the over the top extent of aoe3 ragdoll physics, but some knock back on the units it kills.


Something really annoys me is the unmanned siege and the ´´poof´´ effect after destroyed. Damn that is so mediocre in so many ways.

I was expecting the machines to be visually impressive, and that when they are destroyed as they are so big you could see how they break into pieces… but if they were handled by operators you could see where they fall and disassemble or something like that… but seeing them disappear as if they were magic wands is disrespectful in every sense…


@UneasierFrog173 Totally agree with your bombard impact physics complaint. It’s unexplicable, pitiful and pathetic. AoE3 is incomparably cooler! Please devs fix that! :roll_eyes:
Plus the game doesn’t even have the by-far most awesome and impactful historical medieval weapon on Earth, the Turkish Great Bombards. Enormous mistake!..

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My God, the physics of the AOE IV is mediocre when compared to the AOE III.
By the way, does anyone remember if the AOE IV’s cannonballs fell trees? Has anyone taken the test?


If i remembrer well, tree did not fall from mangonel attack, on the forest map.

I fougth this guy that only build mangonel, they stack fast and did no do friendly attack.

10 mangonel shoot at my units on the tree line, i have hope for the tree to stop the rocks projectile.

The rock pass trougth and on tree base, tree where intact and all my units die.

I lost that game, unable to defend against mangonel.

I am sure that canon ball do not break tree, since tree is neutral and there is no friendly fire.

We will see what the game is at lunch


When compared to CoH too (like come on its the same studio, how can there be so big differences)

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