Problems that i noticed and just want to address

  1. When uninstalling the game (due to storage issues) and installing the game again, the art of war challenges reset and are as if i did not complete them namely:
    a. advance combat
    b. ottomans
    c. malians

it doesnt hurt gameplay at all but is a bit annoying to see everytime i fresh install

  1. second is also minor, and its when changing either monument or profile icon in profile page the coat of arms sigil position always resets even though its not edited.

  1. all steam achievements that track number/quantity doesnt show how much left or how much youve progressed unlike in aoe 2 DE where it does show

P.S. i can see in my profile in this forum that my account is an insider however in game i havent receieved the rewards for being an aoe insider is that not working or ?

Thank you for reporting @NEVrMIND3340! Is it just the above three that you’re seeing the behavior with?

We’re aware of this one, but don’t currently have a timeline for a fix. Same for this one:

The Insider Reward is not yet working. There is a long complicated back-end reason why, but it’s not important. What is important is that this should fiiiiinnnaallly be fixed fairly soon.


thankyou for replying ,yes it is the three only that i am seeing the behavior with

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