Problems with object selected

I have following construction:

Trigger 1
C1 - objects in area player 1
C2 - object selected (a house)
E1 - Display instructions “Noone home”
E2 - activate trigger 2

Trigger 2
C1 - Timer 2
E1 - activate trigger 1

When I’m testing it following happens:
First time, I’m at the house everything happens correctly. If I come back a second time, the instructions will be displayed even if I haven’t clicked the house. What I’m doing wrong?

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You could try adding C2 to trigger 2 “House NOT selected”. Does trigger 2 start with state off and neither trigger is looping?

Sounds like the Object Selected condition just checks whether or not the object has been selected at least once in the past, and not whether it’s currently selected or not. I’ll do some testing later and see if I can find an easy way around this.