Problems with the ESO and CD key account

I created an account in ES Online of age of empires III and there seemed to be no problems, however I closed the game while the account was being created because it was taking a long time, I opened it again and tried to create it again, even though doing so tells me Account creation failed [100]: Bad CD Key I thought it was because the account had already been created so try to login, but it tells me the same thing but instead of “Creating” it says “Login”, that is, I can not log in or register since I miss error, please someone help me. (Sorry if something is wrong I speak Spanish).

Sounds like you got one of the invalid CD keys. You bought the game outside of Steam?

Yes but the key was valid what happened is that I did not finish creating the account due to lack of connection and now the login / registration is not valid and now it tells me the bad key error.

I don’t think the connection error made any difference. You should do a refund if you’re still able, and obtain a legit key on Steam, where the game is currently super cheap on a 75% sale.

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