Profanity Filter -> Optional

i cant even type " 11 " . WHAT THE ACTUAL F???
its a part of your product! its in the game that you made! your team put TIME for functioning this " 11 " command to make a laugh voice when someone types it, and now you are filtering my messages when i use " 11 " ??? are you serious??? how butthurt do you think aoe2 players are??? do people get offended by " 11 " ???
more than half of my conversation with my teammates are getting filtered because of some dumb words that are in the profanity filter, and i have to either guess what they are saying by the amount of *** in their messages or ask them to retype it somehow so i can see it
and why some players get profanity filter and some dont?? i saw many people who can even use the F word in their messages and it doesnt filter their messages. what should i do to get rid of this?
seriously at this point its like you are getting satisfaction out of our frustration. when are you planning to address it?? why dont you say anything in the forums to make us calm down?? you have tons of admins in here, none of them can talk on your behalf? atleast saying " we are working on it " or something?


I think this makes sense. After all, 11x8=88, the 8th letter in the alphabet is H, 88 can be used as code for HH, which itself can be code for Heil Hitler, and that is obviously the wrong time period.

So quit saying friggin 11 already!

(Yes, this is a joke. I have no idea why the filter would block any numbers or taunts.)


It’s annoying as well that when playing the ai it also filters some of what they’re saying - you can’t see some of then resign messages. Surely they’re not swearing?

Depends on what you did to them :smiley: :see_no_evil:

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Another issue I am having with this filter is, I tend to write down player names who I feel I don’t want to play against anymore. For instance, if they are using lot’s of foul language, or if they work against you when you’re allies (this happens).

But now, if these people use names that are starred out by the filter, how will I recognize them? There’s no ban-option ingame, and I can’t write their names down because it’s !@$#$!!#$ starred by FE! I hope you realize how ridiculous this system is. If there are people who appreciate it, fine. But give customers who do not want this feature, the option to disable it.

Game Version: 101.101.35584.0

  • Build: (4714640)
  • Platform: (Steam)
  • Operating System: (Windows 10)
  • Gamertag: No idea what they want here.


The language filter is becoming extremely overzealous, not just censoring out things that a language filter should be censoring, and not even mundane just things like “ffs”.

But it’s also censoring things that are absolute nonsense including letters and numbers. These censors do not seem to apply to everyone, but this is a list of ones that are affecting me:

  • I
  • L
  • 1
  • 11
  • 31
  • 61
  • 81

Reproduction Steps:

Here’s how to reproduce the problem:

  1. Go into a lobby.
  2. Type those numbers or letters as a separate word.
  3. Suffer as it censors them.


OK so I was trying to embed the video but it didn’t work. So here’s a link instead:


All I said was “I tried to soak up the damage” and it got starred out… Ridiculous.


Full list of numbers that get censored as of right now:


I didn’t realize numbers could be so offensive to the community. I guess I’m not sheltered enough like Microsoft is.


i and l seem to be the only letters that are censored so far.

When it first came out you could still say stuff like 11 or 1 and now even that gets censored, my name “dream” gets censored. Whenever you put “i” in a sentence it gets censored.
I have to send one word at a time and talk like yoda “shouldn’t have gone cav archer me have” haha…
11 wasn’t censored when it first came out and there hasn’t been any new updates so whats going on??


I think it seems to have gotten cranked up. A fried sent me a picture of his name also censored out from yesterday/today


It’s most definitely. At this rate they might as well just remove the chat from the game. Microsoft doesn’t listen to the community. Nobody wants it. And I don’t want to buy anymore Microsoft products either in return.


Microsoft trying their best to make this game PG-8+. They removed the corpse decay even.


No parent is gonna be like id rather have my kid to play fortnite instead where he can voice chat with people yelling racial slurs and stuff about each others moms than age of empires 2 because the bodies decay…


This filter continues to get worse every day. The worst part is, it censors different things for different people. Even my username Crawsack is now being filtered for some people, but others can see it. It truly does not make any sense.


Lol why was my post removed? Truth must be hidden?

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Game Version: current

  • Build:
    current as of 20-3-2020
  • Platform: (Steam )
  • Operating System: (Windows 10 )
  • Gamertag:


the chat filter makes any and all normal communication impossible. it constantly flags harmless sentences without even the slightest hint of subtext.

even something as key and simple as ‘‘go fc knights’’ or ‘‘i play’’ gets blocked. it was bad before when it muted 1 word, then you made it worse by muting entire sentences. and after that something apparently got exaggerated because now even the most harmless of sentences are blocked.

the only way to get a message across now is to use 2-3 words at a time with broken english and hope that your teammate gets it, and even this fails 50% of the time.

Noone asked for this mandatory filter, and the majority of the people wouldnt care about it even IF it worked properly.

but no instead of game fixes and dealing with crashes we get more and more babysitting on chat to the point that any and all comunication is currently gimped to the point that you may aswell not even try.

any sentence over 4-5 words is 90% certain to be flagged. please just give us an optional filter that is on by default.

Reproduction Steps:

Here’s how to reproduce the problem:

  1. type any well constructed sentence longer than 5 words without any subtext or inapropriate message
  2. see this on your screen: **** *** **** *********** ******** ****** **** * *****

  1. get the following reply from your teammate: * **** **********
  2. have someone crash in your game in the first 10 minutes

EDIT: apparently this didnt belong in report a bug, despite the fact that the already bad filter got exponentially worse over the last days. to the point of being unable to send even the most simple harmless messages without any form of subtext.


They are merging now everything here so it’s easier to ignore.

Devs, I noticed something today. The tech “Sanctity” contains the word t i t. SancTITy. This is highly offensive and having my 11-year old dog around it’s not appropriate. I’d like to request the removal of this tech or even better, censor it so I know you care.


and i dont understand why the admins are keep moving the bug reports to this thread? its a bug, its not a feature, chats getting censored because of using the numbers " 1 " " 11 " " 31 " or the letters " i " " L " etc is a BUG, not a profanity filter
why are the admins moving them here? its legit bug reprot