Profile Icon weird placement

This (weekly?) Profile Icon appears to be out of place here, being in-between women’s history event and the spring event.

I am someone who is a bit of an achievement hunter but even more heavily affected by FOMO and this sight scared the heck out of me as I at least make sure to get every Limited time Icon.
However, judging by the characteristics of this Icon it appears to be one of those Icons you can chose weekly like when you hover over it whit your cursor it neither says “rewarded from a past event” or “the challenge is not currently available” (should be noted that the Icon to the left neither displays that, but this icon is awfully similar to the next previous icon top left which makes this suspect in particular).
Can I get a clarification whether this is a weekly reward icon placed wrong or is there another explanation? (doubt it’s an limited time event Icon as I’m VERY strict about getting those, I have all previous ones and want to have a complete collection)

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Its bugged, there are other posts about it

I searched a lot and didn’t find any other threads about this particular problem. Could you link me to it?

Locked Duplicate Women’s Event Profile Icon - Age of Empires III: DE / III - Report a Bug - Age of Empires Forum

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Hello everyone. The duplicate icon mentioned will be awarded for free to all players in a future update. :+1:


I hope you can modify the visual effects of Asian rice fields to allow players to better distinguish between food and gold.