Profile Icons in AoE 3 DE are amazing!

Hey devs, I really hope you see this. I know only a few of the community cares about the recently released profile icons and on behalf of those, a massive thank you for the high quality profile icons. Please keep adding those sweet icons. How I wish we get the same quality for AoE 2 DE instead of balloons and sausages too.

P.S. Just a little suggestion can you guys try to add an owl profile icon perhaps a snowy owl or great horned owl too?


The added icon is definitely good. But we can meet it only once a week and not yet the leaders who have been guiding civilization in beta…

Yeah Devs, thank you for all your support in the Avatars, they do look amazing. I hope you release more Avatars, and more tie in avatars to specific game issues.

Btw love how you are - not so secretly - hinting about the Zulu and Ethiopia civs that are comming.


I just want another shot at the Golden Capybara Icon. I was away from home during the event week and missed it. :sob:

Great movie too.


i just wish i could get the parrot, i want that so badly.

Martini Henry rifles :heart::heart::heart:

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