Profile stats : bug and implement

I’ve played this game since oppening and there are bugs that haven’t been solved since then.
The profile name appear way too small
The number of games played is wrong (2500 for me ) it seems to add the games from HD I guess but it doesn’t count victory from it.
The favorite civ should be the civ you have played the longuest with, here it’s bugged.
We could implement a victory per civ stat somewhere.
We miss a real in game stat menu such as the website : stats of win per civ, if you play with this friend or this group (in order to know the friends who suck :smiley: )… I know the data are somewhere, what we miss is a good compilation.
I know some of the implementation are minors but still :slight_smile:
Thank you for beeing so creative with this game, loving it !